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        Canon EF 16-35mm Shootout

        - by Brian Ang


                        For the full frame body user, Canon has 17-40mm and 16-35mm wide angle for user to choose from. The subject today is 16-35mm shootout and we choose 16-35mm F4L IS USM and 16-35MM F2.8L II USM as comparison subject. This article will attempt to find out the different between two.

        Test Setup

        Canon EOS 5D MK II

        Canon EF 16-35mm F4L IS USM

        Canon EF 16-35mm F2.8L USM

        Adobe Lightroom 5.4 x64 windows, RAW are developed with no correction applied to picture except for white balance correction to get the idea of true performance of lenses

        Lens Construction/Feature

        16-35mm F4L IS

        Lens with lens hood on. Length does not change with focal length (Similar construction to 17-40mm F4L)

        Lens without lens hood

        Focus distance scale with DOF scale

        Lens control switch (From left to right or down to up when mounted on camera, IS switch and AF/MF switch)

        77mm filter thread on front element

        Metal rear mount

        16-35mm F2.8L

        Lens without lens hood. Length does not change with focal length (Similar construction to 17-40mm F4L)

        Focus distance scale with DOF scale

        Lens control switch (AF/MF switch)

        82mm filter thread on front element

        Metal rear mount

        Both lenses

        Length comparison

        Diameter comparison

        How do they feel in real world??

                        Now, onto the most important part. How do they feel in real world??As you would expect from the L range, both of them are well built and should stand up to professional in field usage. For performance, judge yourself from the sample provided below.

                        The F2.8L is the heavy one from this lot. When paired with 5D MKII,the ergonomic is well balanced. Not much of comment for field usage since I don’t actually spend a long time with it. The F4L IS is lighter from this lot.Ergonomically,I can’t find a fault with it too.As you can see from the IS test below, the IS work as it should.

        IS Test

                        10 shot is taken with both IS on and IS off at 3 stops slower shutter speed than recommended shutter speed(1/Focal Length).The best shot are chosen from both IS on and off.


        Shutter Speed: 1/2s

        IS On:


        Is Off:



        Shutter Speed: 1/5s

        IS On:


        IS Off:


        Real World Sample

        16-35mm F4L IS USM

        (1/20, F4, ISO 200,16MM)

        (1/20, F4, ISO 200,16mm)

        16-35mm F2.8L USM

        (1/20, F2.8, ISO 160,16mm)

        (1/25, F2.8, ISO 800,22mm)

        (1/15, F2.8, ISO 250,19mm)

        (1/20, F4, ISO 2500, 16mm)



        Our choice goes to the Canon EF 16-35MM F4L IS is the better compromise as it’s lighter and losing a stop of light on wide angle is no big deal with IS allowing you to have do ½ seconds exposure handheld with awesome sharpness. Canon EF 16-35MM F2.8 L II is still a great lens for those who really need faster speed and better bokeh.

        16-35MM F2.8L USM


        1. F2.8 aperture
        2. L lens feature(Dust/moisture seal)


        1. Big in size
        2. 82mm filter thread
        3. Dark Corner
        4. Soft at edge

        Recommended for: Full frame Canon DSLR body user who want to complete their F2.8 zoom lens arsenal

        16-35mm F4L IS USM


        1. Image Stablizer (With this , you able to shoot at ISO 400 at night handheld)
        2. Lighter in size
        3. L lens feature(Dust/moisture seal)
        4. Awesome sharpness


        1. Not F2.8

        Recommended for:  Full frame Canon DSLR body user who are looking for an excellent UWA zoom. The IS make this lens extra usable as well when compared to non IS counterpart.

        If you looking for one of these awesome lens for yourself. Follow the link below.

        Brand New Canon EF 16-35MM F2.8 L II (Canon Malaysia) - Click Here

        Brand New Canon EF 16-35MM F4 L IS (Canon Malaysia) - Click Here