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sku: #1509039289
- Incl. Micro USB charging cable, USB power adapter and USB car adapter, with which USB devices can be charged separately (without using the Powerline Vario)
- Adjustable contacts for individual adaptation to most Li-Ion/Li-Po battery packs
- Automatic voltage and polarity detection f
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Price: RM
Non VIP: RM128.75
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sku: #1508138879
Charger for home or use in car with 4 USB charging sockets for various USB devices
Charge up to 4 USB devices at the same time
For devices that can be charged via USB
Output voltage: 5V DC
Output current: 1x 2000mA, 4x 500mA
Use the charger on the mains (100-240V AC/ 50-60 Hz) or in the car 1...
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Price: RM
Non VIP: RM87.55
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sku: #1508138876
Intelligent charger with discharge function including USB charging socket
Charging the batteries: Charging option for 1-8 Micro AAA / Mignon AA NiCd/NiMH batteries.
USB charging socket: The USB port offers the possibility to also charge mobile devices with...
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Price: RM
Non VIP: RM154.50
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sku: #1508138873
For devices with high power consumption/low self-discharge
Optimal solution for demanding users: The batteries have a high capacity, and still a very low self-discharge. It is thus ideal for applications such as flashlights, toys, modelling, game consoles, digital cameras, flash equipment, medi...
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Price: RM
Non VIP: RM82.40
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